Prints featuring Jean Alesi

Jean Alesi blitzed into Formula 1 with Tyrrell, racing wheel to wheel with Ayrton Senna in his debut Grand Prix in Phoenix, re-passing Ayrton twice before Ayrton finally managed to pull away to victory. It was the most thrilling debut Grand Prix I have ever seen. Jean was a fantastic naturally talented racer but made questionable career moves, notably turing down a Williams drive for Ferrari in 1991, and had unbelievable bad luck along the way. He was fantastic to watch and drove with passion throughout his career.

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Jean Alesi - Benetton B196 1996, F1 print by Simon Taylor

Jean Alesi - Benetton B196 1996

This formula 1 print features pencil drawn portraits of Jean Alesi, and at the wheel of the Benetton B196 passing Jacques Villeneuve during the wet Brazilian Grand Prix. The season looked promising for Benetton before the season having won the championship the previous two years, and now employing Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger. Unfortunately, the Williams car was in a different league, and Benetton were on a down turn in fortunes.

Each print measures 450 x 326mm approx. and is printed on fine quality paper. The edition is limited to just 850 copies, and each print is hand signed and numbered with a price of £85.00 including postage.

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