Prints featuring Alain Prost

Alain Prost was the driver to beat in the mid 1980's, and fought incredible duels with Niki Lauda and Michele Alboreto, but most notably with Ayrton Senna for supremecy in the late 1980's. Alain was a class act, known as the professor for his meticulous approach to his driving and championship campaigns. He was a very precise driver, always smooth, never running over kerbs or throwing the cars around, but was blindingly quick. His approach was very much geared towards the goal of the Championship and gaining points throughout the season. This approach meant that he didn't take big risks for victories, but was very consistent. He won 4 world titles and 51 race victories, and if it wasn't for bad luck in his early career with Renault, he may well have had a couple more Championships. One of the all time greats.

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Alain Prost - McLaren MP4/5, F1 print by Simon Taylor

Alain Prost - McLaren MP4/5, 1989

One of my earlier editions with sketched portraits and an illustration of the McLaren MP4/5. Each print measures 450 x 326mm approx. and is printed on fine quality paper. The edition is limited to 850 copies. Each print is hand signed & numbered by Simon Taylor. Price £75.00 including postage.

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