Prints featuring Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton came into Formula 1 with the McLaren team in 2007, and quickly established himself as a top class driver. However, those in the know were already aware of his outstanding talent. I remember watching a number of GP2 races which Lewis won, and his race craft and overtaking abilities were phenominal. During the Christmas of 2006 McLaren were deliberating over giving him the race or test driver seat, and it became very clear within the first couple of races in 2007 that they had made the right decision. Within a short time he proved to be as good as Alonso, who had soundly beaten Schumacher fair and square at Renault, and then started beating him regularly to the point where Alonso decided to leave the team. In most peoples eyes, Lewis deserved the title in 2007 but won it in 2008.

Please note that these prints are unofficial and are not affiliated to any driver/team or sponsor, except where noted.

Lewis Hamilton - McLaren MP4/22, F1 print by Simon Taylor

Lewis Hamilton - McLaren MP4/22, 2007

To celebrate Lewis Hamilton's amazing debut year in Formula 1 when he just got pipped to the title by Kimi Raikkonen. Each giclee print measures 300 x 400mm approx. and is printed on acid free 260gsm fine quality textured art paper using lightfast inks. The edition is limited to 500 copies, each hand signed and numbered by Simon with a price of £85.00 including postage.

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