Prints featuring Gerhard Berger

Gerhard Berger raced in Formula 1 for 14 years from 1984. He won ten Grands Prix, achieved 48 podiums, 12 poles and 21 fastest laps. He was a driver of the old school, a real character, and was much liked in Formula 1 circles. He began his F1 career the same year as Ayrton Senna, and was touted as having simlar speed. Throughout his career he showed flashes of this natural talent, but perhaps didn't demonstrate the same commitment and ambition as others. But still, he had a greeat career considering the cars he drove, and having Ayrton Senna as his team mate at McLaren, with whom he had a great friendship, playing endless practical jokes on one another.

This is an official Gerhard Berger print

Gerhard Berger - Ferrari 412T1/B 1994, F1 print by Simon Taylor

Gerhard Berger - Ferrari 412T1/B, autographed by Gerhard Berger

This formula 1 print features pencil drawn portraits of Gerhard Berger, and at the wheel of the Ferrari 412T1/B.

Each print measures 450 x 326mm approx. and is printed on fine quality paper. The edition is limited to just 255 copies, and each print is hand signed by Gerhard Berger and signed & numbered by Simon Taylor with a price of £175 including postage.

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